Commercial Mini Course: Module 5


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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.”

You’re gonna’ LOVE this Module! We discuss WHERE to get the money, HOW to work with investors, and how to maximize your PROFIT by different ways of structuring your deal.

It is said that 90-95% of the people go 90-95% of the way and only achieve about 5% of the results. It is people like you – people who represent the 5-10% the see things through 100%, that end up achieving the results!

To you I say, “CONGRATULATIONS!” You’ve come a long, long way toward better understanding the Commercial Market, and I really want to congratulate you for seeing this course through to completion!


  • Structuring PRETTY PAPER Commercial Deals
  • Buying 2nd Liens (for yourself)
  • Get the Deed / Foreclose
  • Working with an Equity Partner

You’re almost finished with the course – only two modules left! Hang in there, and CONGRATULATIONS for finishing strong!

Module 5 Training Video

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Other Commercial Mini Course Module 5 Resources:

Power Point Slides from Module 5 Webinar

Partner Worksheet
Taking on a Partner? Who Does What?

Joint Venture Worksheet
Determine EXACTLY how You and Your Equity Partner Will Work Together

Bob’s Tips on Raising Private Money
Here are some practical tips on raising capital from Private Lenders

EQ Note Submission Worksheet
How to Submit an Existing Seller Financed Note
Click on this link to submit Seller-Financed performing paper for purchase.