Commercial Mini Course: Module 6


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“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Congratulations! You made it! This is the last module in this series! (And dare I say, you’re gonna’ miss the crazy antics of Jack and Bob!) Then again, you are going to LOVE Jayme Kahla, who, as the owner of the funding company EquiCapital Source, is a guest for this module! She brings a wealth of information on Putting It All Together.

In this module, you’ll learn how, step-by-step, to take a deal from beginning to end. You’ll also learn what the back-end note investor is looking for, and exactly which documents you’ll need in order to complete a deal.

This is it! As they say in the theatre industry, “It’s a Wrap!”

Module 6 Training Video

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Other Commercial Mini Course Module 6 Resources:

Power Point Slides from Module 6 Webinar

Assignment of Deed of Trust
Used to Transfer the Deed of Trust from the Lender to You

Assignment of Mortgage
Used to Transfer the Mortgage from the Lender to You

Promissory Note Endorsement
Used to Transfer the Note from the Lender to You

Option to Purchase Agreement
Like a Real Estate Contract, this Note Contract Locks Down the Purchase Criteria