Commercial Mini Course: Module 4


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To quote a well known Chinese Proverb:
I Hear and I Forget…
I See and I Remember
I Do and I Understand

That’s the gentle reminder that you should be following along with the audio presentation by actually USING the EZQual form that is attached below.

And now that you’ve gathered all of the information, now’s the time to see if the deal you have in hand is really that: a DEAL! And not only a regular deal, but is it a GOOD deal – one that your investors will want, or that you may want to keep a part of for yourself?

Enjoy this Module as we take the next step on our journey to master Commercial Paper! We’ll peel back the layers of profit and look at a real deal.

Suspect? Or… Prospect?

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the following:

  • Surface Analysis
  • In-Depth Analysis
  • ROI = Cash on Cash Return
  • IRR = Appreciation, Depreciation, etc.

Module 4 Training Video

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Other Commercial Mini Course Module 4 Resources:

Power Point Slides from Module 4 Webinar

EQ Qual Quick Analysis Form
This Form is for Quick, Surface Analysis Only. Suspect? Or Prospect?

In-Depth Full Analysis Form
Roll up your Sleeves – This Form Allows You to Go In-Depth in Your Analysis