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To round-out your education in the fascinating world of mortgage notes (paper), we’ve included really cool bonuses as part of your Paper Power package. Simply click on the links below to take you to that section of the page, where you can read about the individual bonus and download it to your computer.

Happy “Bonusing”!! (RL)

Bonus #1: 3-Day Workshop (includes Bonus Structuring Day)
Bonus #2: Profits in Pretty Paper
Bonus #3: Profits in Ugly Paper
Bonus #4: Profits Creating Paper
Bonus #5: 90 Days of Unlimited Email Coaching
Bonus #6: 3-Deal Critique, Analysis, Structuring Certificates
Bonus #7: 365 Day Guarantee
Bonus #8: Finding Money

Bonus #1
3-Day PAPER POWER Live Workshop
(Includes Bonus Structuring Day)

Imagine spending three days with Bob & Jayme (that’s us!) personally teaching you the ins and outs of paper and mortgages that we’ve learned over the last 18 years in this business – revealing the closely-held insider banker secrets that we learned when we were part of “the club!” Yes…you got this as part of your package and yes, you simply can’t afford to miss these incredible 3 days!
And one other really great thing – this is an interactive learning experience – NOT a sales dump! We teach the three full days ourselves, bringing in only 2 other people in that time! And, though we teach this class several times a year, I really recommend that you RESERVE YOUR SEAT NOW! Class fills up quickly, and I want to make sure that you, as our preferred customer, have a seat reserved for you when you attend.

Click Here to Learn More and Register for this Information Packed, Interactive Three Day Workshop


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Bonus #2
Profits in Pretty Paper

Everyone needs to know the basics of paper – current balance, terms, profitability and yields! And that’s EXACTLY what we cover in Volume 1 of the Paper Game – Profits in Pretty Paper. Look at it as Mandatory Reading – before you learn the advanced techniques, you simply MUST LEARN THE BASICS!!

Click Here to Download the PAPER GAME Volume 1 – Profits in Pretty Paper

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Bonus #3
Profits in Ugly Paper E-book

Defaulted Paper is on everyone’s radar screen these days – the banks and lenders have more of it than they can handle, the regulators are warily watching, and note/real estate investors are chomping at the bit because there’s so much money to be made! Yes, Virginia, there really IS a Santa Claus!! The only drawback is you need to know HOW to play the game, who to talk to and how to find them, what to say, and whether or not you’re getting a good deal! THEN, you need to find someone with money so that you don’t have to use yours! We’re pretty excited about this Volume and know that when you read it, you will be, too!

Click Here to Download the PAPER GAME Volume 2 – Profits in Ugly Paper

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Bonus #4
Profits in Creating Paper E-Book

Jayme and I were instrumental in bringing awareness to this technique and, our firm made a bunch of money by exercising it every day! Ahhh, but all good things must come to an end, and so this did when the market changed. HOWEVER, IT’s BACK!!! That’s right! The market is starting to rebound and people are, once again, using the equity in the property to create sellable paper – trading that long term cash flow for CASH NOW

Click Here to Download the PAPER GAME Volume 3 – Profits in Creating Paper


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Bonus #5
90-Days of Unlimited Email Coaching

Nothing to Download – Just Email Your Coaching Questions to:


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Bonus #6
3-Deal Critique, Analysis, Structuring Certificates

Over the years, Jayme and I have gotten a reputation for being able to find solutions when many others cannot, if only because we have over 40 years experience (between us) in the finance game. We want to share our experience with you, and help you close deals that may have previously “slipped through the cracks.” We’re also Commercial experts – so we offer these certificates for both your residential AND your commercial deals!! (we love a good conundrum!)

Click Here to Download the 3 Deal-Structuring and Analysis Certificates.


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Bonus #7
365 Day Reimbursement Guarantee

You won’t believe how many people offer to buy this course only AFTER they’ve completed a deal!! Kinda’ seems to me like wanting to go to medical school AFTER performing surgery! YIKES!! However, you know that we make our money on deals, so we’re happy to reimburse you for your tuition – simply close a deal with us any time in the next 365 days, and we’ll refund you in-full for the cost of this program.

Click Here to Download Your Reimbursement Certificate


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Bonus #8
Finding Money Online

Show me the money!! A lot of you find GREAT deals, yet when the time comes to close, you simply don’t have the money to take them down. Or, worse yet, you KNOW that if you could get short term money, you could buy multiple deals at a volume discount and make a killing! If only there were a system that shows you, step by step, how to approach people, find money in public records, gave you a presentation on what to say, helped you build your program, and simply made raising money a turn-key process. Ahh…there IS a system and yes, as part of your PAPER POWER program, I’ll go over it in depth!!

Bob’s Tips on Raising Private Money

Quick Link to Private Money Bonus Module

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