Module 7: UGLY PAPER – Pools #2


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Other Module 7 Resources:

Power Point Slides for Module 7

Attorney Letter for Defaulted Paper
A Letter from Your Attorney May be the Best Way to Get the Bank’s Attention

Attestation Letter
Is the Seller Direct or Just a Broker? Find Out w/ This Form

Possible Lender Questions
Be Prepared with a Good Answer In Case Your Seller Asks These Questions

Preferred Spreadsheet Format – NPN
Get as Much Information on This Sheet as You Can to Facilitate Pool Purchase

Defaulted Paper Due Diligence Checklist
Be Sure and Check These Items BEFORE You Bid or Buy Defaulted Paper

Sample L.O.I. – General
General L.O.I. for Pools and Sample Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement

Sample L.O.I. – Intent to Bid on Pools
Letter of Intent to Purchase Specific Pool of Non-Performing Assets

Pool Purchase Contract
SAMPLE ONLY – When Flipping Pools, Contract Will Be Prepared By End-Buyer