Commercial Mini Course: Module 2


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“Decisions not followed up immediately by action will begin the process of delusion”
~ Michael M. Bernoff ~

Welcome to Module #2 in this six-part, all education, series about Commercial Multi-Family Paper and REOs. This is such an exciting series for all of us, because we are getting the chance to apply new and effective profit strategies to our current business.

This Module is primer on FINDING great deals! You may think that just because you find a deal on the Internet it is a good deal; nothing can be further from the truth! Rather than go the way of the rest of the pack, choose your own way, and let me show you how! In this module, you will learn how to:

  • Avoid Joker Brokers
  • Specific Ways to Find GREAT Deals in 3 Separate Areas
  • Avoid LoopNet
  • Third-Party Special Servicers
  • Avoid Un-Motivated Sellers
  • FIND Don’t-Wanters
  • It’s Not What YOU Want…it’s What Your Investor Wants

**Remember – Please feel free to contact me by email at anytime if you have any questions on any of the material we are covering.**

Naturally you will find yourself taking even more action consistently as the information, tools, strategies, and techniques begin to easily show up in your day to day activities. This process will ignite a powerful momentum that will shower you with results in the days, weeks, months, and years that follow. One step…at…a…time!

Module 2 Training Video

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Other Commercial Mini Course Module 2 Resources:

Power Point Slides from Module 2 Webinar

Attestation Letter
Is the Seller Direct or Just a Broker? Find Out w/ This Form

Possible Lender Questions
Be Prepared with a Good Answer In Case Your Seller Asks These Questions

Preferred Spreadsheet Format – NPN
Get as Much Information on This Sheet as You Can to Facilitate Pool Purchase

SCRIPT: Mortgage Banker Bulk
If You Want to Buy Multiple Notes (Ugly Paper), Try this Script

SCRIPT: Mortgage Banker One Off
This is the Script You’ll Want to Learn When Buying Short Paper