Commercial Mini Course: Module 1


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“Dimidium facti qui coepit habet: sapere aude”
(“He who has begun is half done: dare to know!”)

Welcome to this first installment in a six-part, all education, series about Commercial Multi-Family Paper and REOs. This Module is an introduction to both Performing Commercial Paper and Non-Performing Commercial Paper, as well as how to Control Commercial Multi-Family Property and/or Acquire it with Paper. It will also help you to determine EXACTLY where you want to focus, and ultimately, how to really make money using these techniques.

After this, we will continue with five more 90 minute sessions, which will include:

  • How to Find GOOD Deals (not the junk that is spattered all over the Net)
  • Hot to Gather Specific Information and Decipher What it Means
  • How to Analyze that Information (Calculating Investor Returns)
  • Deal Structuring (funding)
  • Closing (Putting it all Together & Protecting the Cash Flow

We look forward to having you join us for accelerated learning, followed by Massive Action!

Oh, and one last thing: You are reviewing this Module for free! If you are interested in recordings of ALL modules in this series, for more information, CLICK HERE!

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