Module 12: PRETTY PAPER – Going to Closing


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Module 12 Training Video

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Other Module 12 Resources: (to View or Download)

Power Point Slides for Module 12

Ads to Find Investors to Buy Notes
Use when Optioning a Note to Other Private Real Estate Investors

Assignment MPA
Use when Optioning a Note to Other Real Estate Investors

Assignment of Deed of Trust
Used to Transfer the Deed of Trust from the Lender to You

Assignment of Mortgage
Used to Transfer the Mortgage from the Lender to You

Closing Documents – Required List
Individual Documents Available for Specific Transactions

Due Diligence Checklist
Use This Guide When You Submit a Note

Existing Note Underwriting Guidelines
Step-by-Step Guideline on How to Close a Note

Option to Purchase Agreement
Like a Real Estate Contract, this Note Contract Locks Down the Purchase Criteria

Promissory Note Endorsement
Used to Transfer the Note from the Lender to You

EQ Note Submission Worksheet
How to Submit an Existing Seller Financed Note
Click on this link to submit Seller-Financed performing paper for purchase.