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Does Your List Want To Explore the Incredibly Lucrative World of Paper Using An Easy, Proven Step-By-Step System?

Why are the nation’s top real estate leaders asking Bob Leonetti to speak to their groups about finding practical, proven ways to circumvent short sales and take advantage of the biggest banking crisis in our lifetime?

Five simple reasons:

  1. Bob is the expert with the inside scoop on buying and selling mortgages
  2. Bob’s presentation provides solid VALUE to your audience
  3. Bob’s product SELLS, making you money
  4. All of the marketing and fulfillment is “done for you” making it EASY
  5. Scheduling an event with Bob is fast and easy, too

About The Presentation

When you host your tele-seminar or webinar with Bob, you’ll be interviewing him with pre-set questions about paper, its profitable application in today’s market, and the efficacy of his coaching program. These calls and webinars can be pre-recorded with you on our conference bridge before the event, and broadcast “live” for your group on one of our dedicated conference lines. This presentation can also be done live and in-person in a presentation format if your group qualifies.

Who Is This Presentation Meant For?

Bob’s presentation is targeted toward real estate investors and people who want to take advantage of the current residential and lending crisis, regardless of experience. The techniques he teaches can be used for a novice’s 1st deal, or an experienced investor’s 50th deal. Ideal group size is 50+ for telephone interviews, and 100+ for live group presentations.

What Your Group Will Learn

On Bob’s call or webinar, your group will learn about:

  • How to use paper to circumvent the tedious short sale process!
  • How to close deals quicker, with less hassles, by buying the note rather than suffering through excessive and time consuming busy-work with loss mitigation!
  • The 7 deadly mistakes that you must avoid at any cost when buying paper (especially if you don’t want to end up with Uncle Sam looking over your shoulder!)
  • How to find the right person in charge of selling all of the defaulted and ugly paper that the lender HAS to get rid of!
  • What to say to secondary managers to gain instant rapport and have them begging to sell you their bad assets!
  • How to find, obtain and use private money investors’ funds for their deals so they never need to go begging for bank money again!
  • How to find prospects with money to lend through networking, public records and the Internet!
  • How to get paid by having other investors fund your deals with their money!!
  • How to find buyers who are begging to buy the notes that you find!
  • How to use the equity in a property to creatively structure a “nothing down” deal.
  • Real deals done by real investors all over the country.

About The Paper Power Product

Paper Power is an online 9-week Coaching Program, with weekly 90 minute Web-based modules delivered once a week. Additionally, there are weekly Q&A calls, as well as monthly bonus calls to go along with the unlimited email coaching for 90 days. Course material covers using notes as an alternative to short sales (Short Paper), making money brokering existing performing mortgages (Pretty Paper), profiting on the holding and flipping of non-performing notes (Ugly Paper), buying and selling properties using the equity in them for creative financing (Creating Paper) and finally, investing in paper for annual yields greater than 40%.

Each professional video presentation has supporting documentation, a Q&A webinar, and all of the necessary scripts and documents to support and implement it. In addition, the program includes 1) follow-up deal certificates, 2) case study webinar training, 3,4,5) ebooks covering Pretty, Ugly, and Creating Paper, 6)a money-back guarantee, 7) 90 days of unlimited email coaching, and 8) attendance at our Live Event, the “Paper Power Investing Summit” Workshop.

The program also includes a free month of VIP membership to get ongoing program updates, access to past updates, VIP Members Only webinars, and Members Only resources.

For a complete description of the current Paper Power Home Study Course click the link below:


Links to be made HERE TO page

Product Price
List Price: $1,997
Special Offer Pricing: $1,497 at your Live events; $997 on your Webinars (Lite Product)

Shipping & Fulfillment Information
We ship and fulfill all product ourselves. Product fulfillment is provided ONLINE; any necessary shipping is done through the United States Postal Service (“USPS”)

We ship all product via Priority Mail within 72 hours of receiving an order. We can ship within as few as 48 hours by special agreement. Average time for the customer to receive the product is about 5 days. We do not offer customers an expedited shipping option, and we do not offer a weekend delivery option.

For fulfillment please contact:
DeAnna Rogers (512) 366-8539

Refund Policies & Information
We offer a three (3) day refund period during which the customer may return the product with no questions asked for a full refund. After (3) days, we do not offer a refund.

Refund requests should be sent to:
DeAnna Rogers, Customer Support Manager,

Please note that no refunds will be given until the product is returned to us in saleable condition within seven (7) days of our receipt of the written refund request. Returned product should be shipped to:
DeAnna Rogers
Capital Gain Publishing – Refunds
5501-A Balcones, Suite 213
Austin, TX 78731

References & Testimonials

Here is some feedback we’ve had from customers:

  • “Good training. Informative!” – Sean Carpenter
  • “Good info for anyone who is tired of getting the conventional funding runaround” – Janice Litchfield
  • “I made more money using this method than I would have with a normal short sale flip, and it took a whole lot LESS time! – Gary Gloer
  • “I am no longer intimidated about talking to private money lenders because I now have credibility and professional presentations to refer to and resources to help me.” – Mary Lewis
  • “We raised $3 million in funds doing exactly what you told us to do!” – Erich Lotte & Lane McGhee
  • “After splitting the profits with my private money partners, I’m making $30K – $40K on this deal!” – Matt Harder
  • “I specialize in commercial acquisitions and I have to tell you, we’ve been buying the note/mortgage direct from the bank for years in order to control the property.” – Rex Crim
  • “We have had so many headaches taken away when we do deals now by buying the notes direct from the bank! Our spreads are bigger, our closings happen faster, and we have far less drama and problems as we are making more money faster with your program.!” – Scott Carson
  • “Your tools have allowed us to find over $2 million in private funding to fund all of our deals!” – Paul Hutchins

What You Can Expect From Us

We’ve created all the “done for you” customized marketing pieces needed to get signups for the webinar that you’re welcome to use. We also have existing systems in place to handle all of the webinar sign ups, product purchases, credit card processing, order fulfillment, affiliate program management, reporting, reminder calls and emails, call hosting, and more.

What We Expect From You

The marketing material has been extensively and successfully tested, so…we know that the closer you stick to the prescribed plan, the better the results for everyone. We just need you to send the emails via the agreed-upon timeline and, be sure and look over Bob’s introduction and exit, too! The closer you stick to the prescribed plan, the better the results for everyone. We’ll take care of the rest!

Ready To Schedule Bob?

To see if you’d be a good fit to have Bob speak with your group…..

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“Done for You” Webinar & Marketing Support

We’ve tried to simplify the marketing process for you to make it as easy as possible. That said, below you’ll find links to the pre-webinar email campaign, Bob’s bio for posting in your newsletter if appropriate, and his Introduction / Exit interviews with you, the promoter, at both the beginning and the end of the Webinar. These “bumpers” may be pre-recorded if you so choose.

Click Here to Download Email Sequence
Click Here to Download The Intro/Exit Webinar Script
Click Here to Download Bob’s Bio & Picture
Sales Landing Page (to distribute in your office)
Affiliate Agreement
W-9 Form

E-mail Address to Send Orders

Please forward any orders you receive after the presentation to:
, and
to ensure that they are filled promptly.

Customer Support for Our Promoters & Customers

If you have any questions, challenges or need any additional help or information about the program at any time, please get in touch with our Customer Support staff at the following…

For Vendors, Promoters, JV & Affiliate Managers
Product Information & Scheduling: DeAnna Rogers
Phone: (512) 366-8539

To contact Bob Leonetti directly:
Phone (512) 970-7620

For Your Customers & Customer Support Issues
Contact: DeAnna Rogers
Phone: (512) 366-8539
E-mail –

Commission Checks, W-9 & Taxpayer ID Information
Please Make Any Commission Checks Payable To:
Capital Gain Publishing, Inc.
5501-A Balcones Drive, Ste. 213
Austin, TX 78731

Please Mail Commission Checks To:
Capital Gain Publishing, Inc.
Attn: DeAnna Rogers
5501-A Balcones Drive, Ste. 213
Austin, TX 78731

Taxpayer ID / Federal Employer Identification Number Information
We are a Texas corporation. Our Tax Identification Number is: 33-1149593

Click Here to Download Our W-9 Form

We Are Here To Help You!

We are here to help make your Paper Power Program the best program you have ever participated in. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve your experience of dealing with us! You can always call us at (512) 366-8539 (new phone number), or email us at: