Mini Course: Module 4


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Module 4 represents a complete shift in our focus: Non-Performing paper is behind us, and we have moved on to Performing Seller-Financed Notes (Pretty Paper, Creating Paper, and Investing in Paper). And because we have moved-on, remember that the techniques, buyers, and results of pretty paper are completely different from those of ugly paper!

Pretty Paper can be VERY profitable, but you must remember:

  • Know the value of the underlying asset. Don’t take someone else’s word for it!
  • Partials are easier to negotiate than Full Purchases.
  • A LOT of seller-financed notes are being created in today’s market.
  • Today is all about brokering notes; tomorrow we’ll talk about keeping some!
  • Finally, have I mentioned that we’ve moved on to Performing Paper? (grin!)

Module 4 Training Video

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Other Mini Course Module 4 Resources:

Power Point Slides from the Module 4 Webinar

Click on this link to submit Seller-Financed performing paper for purchase.

Assignment of Deed of Trust
Used to Transfer the Deed of Trust from the Lender to You

Assignment of Mortgage
Used to Transfer the Mortgage from the Lender to You

Promissory Note Endorsement
Used to Transfer the Note from the Lender to You

Option to Purchase Agreement
Like a Real Estate Contract, this Note Contract Locks Down the Purchase Criteria