Mini Course: Module 1


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Welcome to this first installment in a six-part, all education, series about Paper. This Webinar is an introduction to both Performing Paper and Non-Performing Paper, as well as Conventional Financing and Seller Financing. After this, we will continue with five more 90 minute sessions, which will include:

  • How to Use Paper as an Alternative to Short Sales
  • How to Work Directly with the Banks Buying Defaulted Paper
  • How to Option Seller-Financed Paper
  • How to Create Seller-Financed Paper to Purchase Residential and Commercial Real Estate
  • How to Invest With Paper for Yields Up To 76% and more. (the higher the yield…the lower the risk)

We look forward to having you join us for accelerated learning, followed by Massive Action!

Module 1 Training Video

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Other Mini Course Module 1 Resources:

Power Point Slides from the Mini Module 1 Webinar