Paper Power Special Info Webinar




Thanks for stopping by today – you’ll be glad that you did!

You have been requesting more information about paper – and who better to teach you than two “recovering” mortgage bankers who first took their company public in 2000, and then played the game directly with Wall Street from then until now.  (shameless plug…hehe!!)

That said, Jayme and I put together the following Webinar to answer the questions YOU have about paper, including its feasibility in today’s market, the amount of time it takes to make money, what works and is realistic and of course, what doesn’t work.  And yes, we spent about an hour teaching…and another hour answering questions! (It takes a while to load…be patient!)

Check it out, and be sure and check out the link at the bottom for more information on our upcoming event! (And even though the Webinar talks about the Orlando event…the CURRENT event is the upcoming one in San Diego!!)


P.S.  Oh, and by the way – check out what all of the fuss is about regarding our upcoming San Diego training:

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