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“Count Me In, Bob! I Want To Use The  Paper Power Noteworthy Education Series to Get More Leads, Close More Deals, And Make More Money In The Next 90 Days and…I Want To Take Advantage of Your Incredible Offer !! A Mini Course in Notes for Only $90!”


This is a first!  It isn’t very often that we get a chance to offer our clients PURE EDUCATION, but that’s what this Webinar series is all about.

Bob Leonetti has been in the Paper Business for 18 years, and in that time, took his Paper Buying company from an in-home business to a publicly traded company (Pink Sheets:  SFSG). And over the six Modules of this course, this former Wall Street CEO has literally exposed the money-making secrets of his former Wall Street banking buddies, secrets that the banks really don’t want you to know!

We start this six-part series about paper with an introduction to both Performing Paper and Non-Performing Paper, as well as Conventional Financing and Seller Financing.

After our initial session, we continue with five more 90 minute sessions, which included:

  • How to Use Paper as an Alternative to Short Sales
  • How to Work Directly with the Banks in Buying Defaulted Paper (and avoid silly broker daisy chains)
  • How to Option Seller Financed Paper
  • How to Create Seller Financed Paper to Purchase Residential and Commercial Real Estate
  • How to Invest With Paper for Yields Up to 76% and more!  (the higher the yield…the lower the risk)

We video taped the course and created 7 Online Video modules covering the five major areas of Paper: Short Paper, Defaulted Paper, Pretty Paper, Creating Paper, and of course, Investing with Paper!. We’ve even included a BONUS Module on how to literally be a Calculator Expert in no time, and rounded out the home study course with the exact forms, letters, and scripts that we have used every single day in our note-buying company for the past 18 years.We’ll let you piggyback on our success, for a tiny fraction of the cost and time we spent!

Since you’ve made the decision to invest in this TODAY, you’re going to get the best deal. That’s more than 50% off the full retail value, and even at full price, this is a screaming deal (and that’s not counting the $100.00 bonus to the Three-Day Paper Power Note Investing Summit that Bob mentioned on the webinar!)

So, your investment today is only $90, and there is absolutely NO extra charge for all of the ongoing marketing, support, and updates that I and my team will be doing for you. Sure, this is not the full 23 Hour Course plus the Bonus (That Sells for $497), but it IS a fantastic way for you to get involved, or just brush up, on the note business with over 10 hours of hard-hitting, real world education.



–> To Get More Leads,
–> To Close More Deals And
–> To Make More Money In The Next 90 Days and…
–> I Want To Take Advantage of Your Incredible Offer of Getting Over 10 Hours in Audio-Visual Education, and…the $100 Bonus, too!! 

I know that the note business is seeing a HUGE resurgence, and I want to get started before my competition beats me to the punch! And I’m excited to go in a direction “different” from the rest of the pack and get killer deals while avoiding all of the agony of short sales!


              …by ordering TODAY you will INSTANTLY receive THREE RARE BONUSES:

Personal Deal Structuring advice and solutions from Bob and Jayme on ANY paper or commercial real estate transaction you’re considering

$100 Off of your Admission to our next Paper Power Note Investing Summit a 3-day interactive workshop attended by a literal Who’s Who of the Note Industry.  That’s right – they want to meet, teach, and get to know you, so they’ve deducted another $100 off admission with the purchase of this course.  Even more important, this workshop is guaranteed not to be a product sales-dump! It is the ONLY event of its kind, taught by industry professionals who have personally bought and sold notes for over 20 years and

the We’ll-Pay-for-Your-Education Guarantee which reimburses your entire tuition upon the completion of a Note Deal with EquiCapital Source.

Best of all, you get RECORDINGS OF THE ENTIRE 7-PART EDUCATION SERIES, and EMAIL SUPPORT for as long as you need it (or 120 days, whichever comes first!) In fact, you get ALL of the following as part of the Paper Power “Mini Course” Series – Check it out…


A Complete Mini-Course Featuring Everything You Need to Get Started in The Note Business!

Online Video Modules Covering the 5 Parts of Paper
Online Audio Recordings that you can Download to yourMP3
Online Power Point Presentations Outlining Each Module
Bonus Video Modules on Becoming an Expert with the Financial Calculator
Basic Documents, Forms and Scripts (that Jayme and Bob use every day)

“I bought a lien on the property right down the street from my own house – bought the $55K 2nd lien for only $6500.  Then I went to the 1st lien-holder and bought the 1st at a discount, too.  I could do this because my neighbor was facing foreclosure.By the time the dust settled, I had helped my neighbor avoid foreclosure, made sure that he didn’t have a deficiency judgment, and ultimately netted $54K on the sale of the house.  I repeated this process 2 more times within the next few months, and put over $200K profit in my pocket using this technique.  Bob  Leonetti is the real deal!”

–Dean G. CA-

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! HURRY! Get one of the few remaining spots at the upcoming convention AND separate yourself from the rest of the pack and get started immediately buying, selling, and using paper to control all of your real estate deals!Don’t wait another minute click here to order now!

My first commercial deal is in San Diego where I bought the note on a multi-family property. There are two really cool things about using this strategy: After splitting the profits with my private money partners, I’m making $30K – $40K on this deal AND…not only was I able to help the property owner avoid foreclosure, I could 100% guarantee them there would be no deficiency judgment against them. – Matt H. CA-


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